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Medical Testing Equipment
LFY-709A Air permeability (pressure difference) tester for medical masks

Name:LFY-709A Air permeability (pressure difference) tester for medical masks


The main purpose

It is suitable for the measurement of air permeability (pressure difference) of medical masks, and can also be used to determine the air permeability (pressure difference) of other textile materials.

Instrument characteristics

1. The air compressor is used as the air source to supply air to the instrument without being restricted by the space of the test site;

2. Equipped with a high-precision differential pressure sensor, which digitally displays the differential pressure on both sides of the sample;

3. The pneumatic sample clamping device can quickly and firmly clamp the sample without cutting samples.

Technical index

1. Air source: air compressor;

2. Air flow: 8L/min;

3. Sealing method: mechanical seal;

4. The vent diameter of the sample: Ф(25±1)mm;

5. Range of differential pressure sensor: 0~500Pa;

6. Display mode: digital display pressure difference;

7. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz.

Applicable standards

EN14683:2019 Medical face masks -Requirements and test methods

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