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Medical Testing Equipment
LFY-711A respiratory resistance tester

Name:LFY-711A respiratory resistance tester

The main purpose
LFY-711A is used to measure the inhalation resistance and exhalation resistance of full face masks and half face masks under specified conditions. It is suitable for national labor protection equipment inspection agencies and mask manufacturers to conduct related tests and inspections on full face masks and half face masks.
Technical index
1. The instrument consists of an air source that can adjust the flow rate, a human head model prescribed by the standard, a two-pipeline system for inhalation and exhalation, and a respiratory resistance measurement system.
※2. The flow sensor has high sensitivity and a very small starting flow.
※3. The flow sensor chip adopts thermal mass flow meter, without temperature and pressure compensation, which ensures the high-precision measurement of the sensor. The range of the flow meter is -200L/min~200L/min, and the accuracy is ±2%.
※4. Multiple sensors are integrated on a single flow sensor chip, which greatly improves the range ratio of the sensor.
※5. The zero point stability of the flow sensor is high, with full range high stability, high accuracy and excellent repeatability, and it has the characteristics of low power consumption, low pressure loss and fast response speed.
6. The data recorder adopts a graphic dot matrix LCD with a resolution of 128×64 and a full Chinese interface, which is easy to operate.
7. There is 4M memory in the data logger for measurement value recording.
8. The micromanometer adopts two-wire system, with high accuracy, good stability, and safe and reliable explosion-proof design.
※9. The range and zero point of the micromanometer sensor are continuously adjustable externally, the damping is adjustable, there is no mechanical moving part, and the maintenance workload is small. The micro-pressure metering range is -1000Pa~1000Pa, and the accuracy is 1Pa.
※10. The whole instrument adopts special air circuit conversion components, which ensures the convenient and quick conversion of the exhalation and inhalation two-tube circuit system.
11. The suction volume of the suction pump is not less than 30L/min~160L/min.
12. The expiratory flow rate is 0~160L/min.
13. The head mold is adjustable in five directions.
14. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz.
Applicable standards
BS EN 136-1998 Respiratory protective devices-Full face masks-Requirements, testing, marking
EN 149-2001+A1-2009 Respiratory protective devices-Filtering half masks to protect against particles-Requirements, testing, marking
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