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Company Culture

Company Culture

Corporate culture concept:
Corporate purposes: Grow together, share success

We grow together with our employees to realize their career pursuit, self-recognition and transcendence-to create opportunities for employees
We grow together with our customers, and share the joy of asset appreciation with customers-creating value for customers
Partners grow together, share resources, complement each other's advantages, join forces, and build brilliance together
We grow together with society, promote national economic development, revitalize national technological progress-create benefits for society

Enterprise spirit: innovative, pragmatic, dedicated and efficient

Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force for career development
Tell the truth, recruit practically, do practical things, and be pragmatic
Respect and respect your profession, treat your profession with a respectful and pious heart, and regard your profession as your bounden duty
Do it when you think of it, do it immediately, absorb quickly, change quickly, and act quickly

Operating strategy:
Market-oriented, product and sales as the leader, brand and service as the support, and technology research and development as the foundation

Management mode:
People-centered. Employees are the owners of the company. Work is for the company and individuals to grow together. At the same time, working better is to reflect their own value.
Performance-oriented, comprehensively evaluate employees from three aspects of morality, ability and performance
Pay attention to institutionalized, process-oriented, and standardized construction
Attach importance to resource integration, including technical resources, market resources, and human resources
Principle of efficiency, principle of satisfaction

Our talent view:
Our people are all talents, regardless of education level or age
People who can promote the development of the company, create benefits for the company, and take the company as their own business
Talent is our most valuable asset
Talents promote the development of the company, and the development of the company provides broader space and better conditions for the development of employees
Based on the company’s common goals and overall image, the company promotes individuality
Pursue interesting work, like-minded colleagues, healthy physique, open mind, optimistic spirit

Human resource management ideas:
Mission: Establish a learning organization to provide a stage for all capable talents who want to do something to give full play to their talents
Job analysis, evaluation and salary
Capability model and performance management
Core team management and training
Human resource needs and recruitment strategy
Attracting and motivating outstanding talents to realize their full potential is the key to our sustainable development;
Adapting to rapid changes is an objective requirement for talents in the Internet age. Only by persisting in learning and continuous development and improvement can we keep up with the development of the times.

Company Code of Conduct:
Be honest and respect each other
Pay attention to public ethics and abide by the law
Effective communication, understanding and cooperation
Active cooperation, team spirit
Solve problems and dare to make decisions
Constantly innovate and take responsibility
Rigorous and realistic, professionalism
Self-management, professional ethics
Customer first, quality first
Improve performance and save costs
Be brave and self-development

Cooperation concept: Team first, each other is the priority

Management philosophy: Cultural influence

Philosophy: Honest, hardworking, thrifty

Learning and growth concept: Concept-based, rapid learning, targeting and positioning, rapid growth

Business operation concept: Project management system advancement

Partner concept: Empathy, service first
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