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Medical Testing Equipment
LFY-708 Anti-humidity Microbial Penetration Tester

Name:LFY-708 Anti-humidity Microbial Penetration Tester


The main purpose

It is used to determine the material's ability to resist the penetration of bacteria in the liquid when subjected to mechanical friction (the barrier performance of the mechanical friction chamber against the penetration of liquid-carrying bacteria); it is mainly used for medical surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothes.

working principle

Place the test piece on the agar petri dish, place a piece of the same size of the bacteria on the test piece, and then cover a piece of high-density polyethylene film about 10 microns thick, use a tapered steel ring to separate the three layers of materials (the test materials are below , The bacterial sheet is in the center, and the high-density polyethylene film is on the top), and the ring set is placed on the agar petri dish on the turntable. The material is subjected to the combined effect of pressure and friction to simulate the possible force of the barrier material and the penetration of microorganisms under wet conditions in the actual application process. After the microorganisms on the bacterial sheet penetrate the test material, they will migrate to the surface of the agar medium. The penetration performance of the test material can be quantitatively evaluated by culturing the agar petri dish and counting the colony.

Instrument characteristics

1. The turntable rotates quietly and smoothly, and the rotation time of the turntable is automatically controlled by a timer.

2. The test finger is guided by the rotating outward wheel, which can reciprocate laterally from the center of the rotating agar petri dish to the periphery.

3. Test means that the force applied to the material is adjustable.

4. The test parts are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Technical index

1. Turntable speed (60 ± 1) rpm

2. The test refers to the pressure on the material (3±0.02) N

3. Rotation speed of outward wheel 5~6 rpm

4. Timer setting range: 0~99.99min

5. Total weight of inner and outer ring weights: (800±1) g

Applicable standards

YY/T 0506.6-2009 Surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothes for patients, medical staff and instruments-Part 6: Test method for moisture barrier microbial penetration

ISO 22610-2018 Surgical drapes, gowns and clean air suits, used as medical devices, for patients, clinical staff and equipment-Test method to determine the resistance to wet bacterial penetration

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